flashing by to say

-life is mad & sleep a precious commodity

-yellow trees in the rain are one of the most beautiful things on earth

-i love my dissertation & percy shelley

-stephen king’s ‘on writing’ doth SLAP

-i spent all of yesterday writing a highly emotional 2k poem &… watching monty python & the holy grail

-an excellent winter activity is getting up sleep-deprived at 6am & writing in the dark-blue w a candle & some extremely strong coffee

see you in another month?

2 thoughts on “um

  1. Does Stephen King present any uncommon insights in that book? Or is it just the slightly insane, write three thousand words a day in a darkened room with only one window, type thing?
    & also, the mundane question asked of third years: what’s your dissertation on?

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    1. hahaha. there’s plenty of the slightly insane write three thousand words a day in a darkened room with only one window type thing- but i think it’s got some really valuable stuff to say about //story//, & what makes & goes into stories, & in a lot of ways it really simplifies/goes to the heart of that. it’s theoretical stuff that is also brilliant practical advice.

      & my dissertation! ho ho ho. it’s a six-thousand-word short story that, whilst technically prose, is also sort of scripted, & centres around a university production of ‘a midsummer night’s dream’- narrated by the girl playing puck, & focusing on the clash between her & the ideas of the girl who directs the play. so much fun! well, not right now specifically, because the second draft is proving mean & horrible, but still. luvly stuff


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