• after a few straight months of trying-to-finish-my-novel, i am back in Weird Ould Norfolk, in rather fine fettle except from having the plague (freshers’ flu finally got me, gang) & ready to try n get back into a posting routine again.
  • HOWEVER. this is going to involve probably writing about anything & everything that strikes my fancy, so probably a lot of stuff about gothic literature & keats & norwich’s various dreamy/ghostly qualities interspersed with whinging about my dissertation & how poor i am. just a heads-up
  • i think i’m also going to give this blog a name-change, long overdue. i am not queen of cobwebs or otherwise; i may own a lot of ageing velvet items but i’m really quite clean for all that & whenever i see a spider i practically shit a brick. also that name was from 2015 & the title of a very very long-abandoned novel
  • i am thinking but this is not a set-in-stone idea & i need to Think About It- just a heads-up (& suggestions would not come amiss)



2 thoughts on “ch ch ch ch changes

    1. excellent! & it’s the notorious sniffles-&-coughing disease inevitably passed around when thousands of bright young things are grouped together in a uni campus 😉 glad to have you on board!


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